Al Khayyat Investments

“AKI is a focussed business partner with an ambitious team that achieves beyond targets.”

Timur Edis, Commercial Director, Arabia Glaxo Smith Kline

The FMCG Division is the largest within Client Concept and has grown annually at an average of over 30% in the past 5 years, driven by aggressive organic growth and new business acquisition.

Our professional team of over 100 managers, sales executives, van salesmen and merchandisers call directly on over 6,500 outlets per month. We reach every channel from the largest hypermarkets to the smallest "baqala" in remote parts of the Emirates. Duty Free outlets, Petrol stations, Pharmacies and F&B outlets are also extremely important channels.

We have close contact with all leading retailers and work in partnership with them, building annual plans designed to drive growth through our sales teams, who are all financially incentivised to exceed expectations.

We are proud of our in-market execution and challenge any of our competitors to match our core strength and competence. Over the past 3 years we have received the following awards from clients:  Durex: Outstanding Sales Award, 2009 + 2010;
Bic: Value in Action - MEA Teamwork Award, 2009; GSK Sales Performance, 2008 and Best Practice - Category Management -Best Merchandising Award, 2011.