Al Khayyat Investments

“Overall I was very impressed by the work being carried out by [Pestfree in Abu Dhabi] … the most sophisticated and advanced recording system I have seen used... it would be great if it could be shared with other companies…the procedures were excellent.”

A. M. Findlay, Middle East Programmes Manager, World Society For The Protection Of Animals (WSPA)

Pestfree's customers span the commercial, governmental and residential markets throughout the UAE and, increasingly, across the GCC.

The company is ISO triple-certified - to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 - ensuring compliance with international standards in relation to legal, quality, environmental, and health and safety issues.

Pestfree's 300 Pest Control Technicians receive extensive and ongoing training to global best-practice standards at our in-house school in Al Ain, under instruction from our full-time Technical Training Manager.

Pestfree employs the latest technology for assessing, inspecting and monitoring its pest control programmes. Each is customized to meet the precise needs of the customer.

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