Al Khayyat Investments

“AKI’s compass has always been toward Brand Building, through implementing successful European concepts locally; AKI transformed the Curver brand’s consumer responsiveness in the UAE to primary grades!”

Antoine Nassif, Export Manager Middle East & Africa, Curver Ltd.

Alphamed Medlab is a leading supplier of hi-tech medical equipment in the UAE, frequently being the first to introduce cutting-edge products to the market.

But Medlab is not simply a supplier of medical equipment. Its pro-active approach entails an extensive range of services, from pre-sales to marketing, distribution, installation, maintenance and training.

Our partners are carefully selected, usually from among the leaders in their respective sectors, and we nurture long-term relationships, as with Zeiss (20 years), Smith & Nephew (15 years), Bio-Rad (24 years), Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics (17 years) and Boston Scientific (4 years).

We constantly innovate, our expert 50-strong team identifying new technologies and products as they emerge, prior to introducing them to the market.