Al Khayyat Investments

“Overall I was very impressed by the work being carried out by [Pestfree in Abu Dhabi] … the most sophisticated and advanced recording system I have seen used... it would be great if it could be shared with other companies…the procedures were excellent.”

A. M. Findlay, Middle East Programmes Manager, World Society For The Protection Of Animals (WSPA)

Alphamed Pharma, the fastest-growing pharmaceutical distributor in the region, handles speciality products, prescription drugs, OTC and skincare products.

The founding business of what has become Al Khayyat Investments, Alphamed was established in 1982 and is responsible for the sale and distribution of many of the world's leading brands of pharmaceutical and related products to both private and institutional channels. Sales in the past 7 years have increased 500%.


In this sector, in addition to links with our sister company chain of Bin Sina pharmacies, which alone has 15% of the UAE market, our key account management has strong relationships with all the country's chain and individual pharmacies.

Our sales force operates an automated online ordering system, integrated with our rapid distribution capability, to bring delivery lead times to under 12 hours.

We closely audit our partner brands' performance in terms of in-store positions and the success of promotional campaigns.   We also monitor the overall market for pricing and product-positioning, and for availability and visibility. This ensures we identify opportunities for our partners or source new manufacturers to fill gaps in the market.


We maintain an excellent rapport with key decision-makers, opinion leaders and key accounts.  This facilitates our relations with Governmental and Institutional bodies.


In Regulatory matters, we have close understanding of registration and approval procedures, and effective relationships with Ministry of Health and regulatory authorities, which ensures that our partners' products are registered in the UAE market on time.


Our extensive experience in the wider Middle East region enables us to develop our partners' businesses with integrated programmes of support in this dynamic market.

We locate Management Co-ordination, Marketing, Regulatory and Logistics functions in Dubai, from where a network of class A local distributors covering over 7,000 outlets across the region is managed.  Each local market has its own Field Sales Team.

We have strong links with Health Authorities in the various countries, an outstanding record in Registration across the region, and an intimate understanding of the Middle East consumer.